Wall Cabinet Enclosures & Glove

Mounted wall enclosures secure sharps containers, keep counter space clear, and help prevent access to contents in high traffic areas. Contents can be viewed by hospital personnel, but unsightly items are not fully visable to patients and visitors. These sturdy enclosures are made of ABS plastic - the same material used in football helmets. Optional glove box holders keep gloves readily available.

Lockable wall enclosureTo provide security in high traffic areas
All cabinets are universally keyedFor convenience
Made of sturdy, durable, long lasting ABS plasticProvides a seconday barrier of protection
Three viewing windows on front and sidesTo easily monitor fill level
Optional Glove DispenserTo keep gloves readily available
Beige in colorAesthetically pleasing
Multiple mounting slots on back of enclosureFor easy installation

Order CodeDescriptionShip Case

85161H2 & 5 Quart Wall Enclosure1

85165H2 & 5 Quart Wall Enclosure5

8556H2 & 5 Quart Wall Enclosure with Glove Dispenser (8550LG) and SharpStar™ Container (8507SA)1

85301HWall Enclosure 8 and 12 Quart1

85401H3 & 4 Gallon SharpStar™ IV Wall Enclosure1

8546Glove Box Prevention Adapter5

8550BGlove Dispenser (8550LG) with Attached Wall Mounting Bracket (8554B)5

8550LGGlove Dispenser, Top Loading, Attaches to 5 Quart, 2 & 3 Gallon Wall Enclosures10

8554BWall Mounting Bracket for 8550LG5

8555SAStackable Multi-Glove Dispenser, Side Loading, Beige10

8516HDLReplacement Wall Enclosure Door with Window and Lock1

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