The new LidoFlex Pain Relief Patch has set an industry standard in delivering targeted pain relief to the sight of your patient’s pain. Infused with 4% lidocaine, the LidoFlex boasts the highest concentration of lidocaine available without a prescription. 

For your patient’s comfort and convenience, the LidoFlex’s self-adhesive patch design comes precut into a variety of extremity specific shapes and sizes that are designed to fit flush against their skin. This, combined with a waterproof adhesive, will allow the patch to stay in place long enough to provide 8 to 12 hours of targeted pain relief.

The best part about all of this is that the LidoFlex pain relief patches can only be sold through Healthcare Professionals like you.


- 80% of chiropractors use some form of topical analgesics as part of their patient regiment.

- The average chiropractor sees approximately 380 patients per month.

With this in mind, if only half of your patient population purchased a one month supply of LidoFlex
pain relief patches, your sales potential could exceed $25,000 per month. So make LidoFlex a part
of your Chiropractic Regimen. 

Directions For best results: 

  • Remove excess hair at treatment site. 

  • Clean area thoroughly with soap and water, removing all oils, lotions and dirt. 

  • Do not use oils, lotions or powders in treatment area prior to application. 

  • For best adhesion, apply as directed to the affected area a minimum of 1 hour prior to getting skin wet. 

  • Open pouch and remove patch. 

  • Remove protective liner and apply to skin. 

  • Discard the liner. 

  • Apply patch to the affected area, pressing down firmly from the center outwards to ensure adhesion and minimize folds.  Continue to press down firmly until the patch has secure contact with the skin. 

  • Apply to affected area no more than three (3) times per day. 

  • Leave in place for up to 8 but no more than 12 hours. 

  • For maximum pain relief, choose the appropriate size of patch based on the size of the treatment area and the body area to be treated.  Example–use a LidoFlex back patch for back pain relief, use a LidoFlex Flex Strip for ankle or forearm pain relief. 

Patches may be cut into smaller sizes as needed to treat affected area. Before removing the clear protective liner, cut patch to the desired size. Once cut, remove the clear protective liner. Remaining patch material must be sealed to be effective. Discard all unused portions of the patch safely out of the reach of children and pets. 

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