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21480 PREPPIES™ Adhesive Remover Wipes, Large, 2 Ply (1000)

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PREPPIES™ Adhesive Remover Wipes quickly and effectively remove barrier films, wafer barriers, and adhesive or tape residues while at the same time help to soften and soothe the skin through a unique adhesive remover formulation containing aloe extracts.

Deobase and D-Limonene ComponentsEffectively and gently removes barrier films, wafer barriers and adhesive and tape residues. Provides a pleasant citrus scent.
Aloe ExtractHelps soften and soothe skin following use.
Convenient PackagingSuitable for use in both hospital and long-term care. One wipe per packet helps reduce waste by using only what is needed.

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21480PREPPIES™ Adhesive Remover Wipes, Large, 2 Ply1000

  • Model: 21480
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