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SporTX® 2 Channel, Preset Combo TENS/Pulsed DC Unit

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The SporTX is designed for easy use — anywhere, anytime — SporTX breaks the injury cycle, so you’re back in the game faster. It has the power to deliver positive and negative current therapy directly and precisely to the point of injury to reduce swelling and stiffness from muscle injury. The electronic equivalent of both ice and heat therapy, SporTX works like an ice pack to constrict blood vessels and like a heating pad to relax blood vessels. Early intervention increases circulation and brings nutrient-rich blood to the injured area to improve range of motion and provide relief of muscle spasms.

The SporTX is the choice of physicians, not only for elite athletes but also for patients who suffer from repetitive stress disorders. The electronic equivalent of both ice and heat therapy, SporTX reduces the accumulation of edema (swelling) immediately after an injury or aides in removing  edema resulting from an untreated injury.

The SporTX also offers a TENS program for pain control that can be used between ice and heat treatments. This device, combining edema and pain control, is ideal for patients recovering from post-operative joint procedures.


  • With the push of a button, it provides an effective dosage of stimulation for reducing edema within a 40-minute treatment.
  • Delivers the electronic equivalent of ice and heat therapy.
  • Combines edema and pain control in one device.
  • Two current modes in one unit, therefore patients can be treated for both edema (swelling) and pain in one device.
  • Small and compact size, easy to wear and easy to use at home or on-the-go.
  • Triphasic waveform considered more comfortable than a spike waveform


Output Current: 0-100 milliamps, adjustable

Pulse Rate: Biphasic waveform is 278 Hz. Triphasic waveform is 222 Hz

Pulse Width: 60 microseconds, fixed

Programmed Timed Total treatment time of 39.5 minutes.

Mode: On second push of timer button, intensity ramps up to 90% of displayed level.
After 31.5 minutes, stimulation ramps down 50% and returns to standby mode.

Standby Mode: On first push of timer button, unit shuts off output and enters a standby mode. The unit will shut off after 8 hours of no use.

Waveforms: Biphasic, symmetrical square, interphase interval is 1800 microseconds.
Unbalanced, symmetrical triphasic square. Positive phase to negative phase interval is 1800 microseconds, negative phase to negative phase is 900 microseconds. Waveform period is 4500 microseconds.

Maximum Charge per Pulse: 6 microcoulombs

Power Source: 9 volt rechargeable or alkaline battery

Dimensions: 10.7” x 5.3” x 2.3”
27.1cm x 13.5cm x 5.9cm

Weight: 4.4 ounces/124 grams (including battery)

  • Model: SPORTX
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs

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