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Galvanic High Voltage Pulsed Current Stimulator - Digital

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  Prescription required for al U.S. Individual Customers (Not Required for Professional and Clinical Orders). A one-page prescription form is available and may expedite & simplify the process of getting a prescription from your healthcare provider (Click Here).


The High Voltage Pulsed Current Stimulator has a "twin peaked monophasic waveform with fixed Interpulse Interval of 100μs." Each pulse is much shorter in duration (5μs) and can achieve a much higher voltage than conventional stimulators.

The HVPC neuromuscular stimulator is a true twin-peak high voltage pulsed current device. HVPC delivers a strong yet comfortable stimulus deep into underlying tissue for maximum therapeutic effect.

The HVPC stimulator features state of the art electronics and a large LCD display which allows straightforward and intuitive navigation of the device. Patient friendly amplitude dials simplify usability and improve compliance.

The device is used in the classic HVPC method of 1 or 2active electrodes and 1 common dispersive electrode. For smaller areas, 1 channel of a pair of electrodes can be used with a single pair of like-sized electrodes alone.

Channels: Two active outputs and one dispersive return
Active 1: Red active electrode and Black Dispersive return
Active 2: Red active electrode
Output Voltage: Adjustable 0-350 Volts maximum 500 ohms
Pulse Rate: 1-120Hz (adjustable) 1Hz/step
Pulse Width: 100 uS fixed
Software Ramp Up: Switching Modes or in Alternating Mode; output will reset to zero then ramp up to its original setting.
LCD: Shows modes, pulse rate/On/Ramp/Off time, timer, ch1/ch2.
Function Modes: Constant, and Alternating (between 1 and 2 every 5 seconds).
Waveform: Twin Peak mono-phasic with fixed interpulse interval
Power Source: 9-volt battery
Dimensions: 108mm(H) x 61.5mm(W) x 25mm(T)
Weight: 140 grams (Battery included)

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