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Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL 29 X 1/2" (100 Units)

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Sterile, single-use, individually packaged syringe with or without attached needle; polypropylene barrel and plunger rod, latex-free plunger tip; several available needle gauge sizes; graduated barrel markings.

Ultr-Comfort™, anti-coring needleProduces a consistently sharp needle for more comfortable injections
Accu-Tip™ flat plunger tipVery accurate insulin dosage; fewer errors, minimizes insulin loss
Accu-Scale™ graduationsImproves measurements on insulin draws and eliminates errors
Clear barrel construction and bolder scaleEasy to read; fewer errors
Low dead space in permanent needle syringeMinimizes waste of insulin
Improved silicone needle lubricantReduces needle shaft drag providing virtually pain-free injections
Orange needle cap (sheath)Identifies insulin syringes as U-100
Laser-welded cannulaAssures cannula integrity
"Hubless" needle designReduces insulin loss in hub
Shippable cartonsConvenient, individually packed inner cartons are ready to ship for distributors and makes it easy for clinicians to dispense contents
SterileInsures patient safety against nosocomial infections

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8881600004Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1/2mL(50 Units) 28 X 1/2"300

8881601101Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL(100 Units) 28 X 1/2"300

8881600145Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 3/10mL(30 Units) 29 X 1/2"300

8881600350Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1/2mL(50 Units) 29 X 1/2"300

8881601358Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL(100 Units) 29 X 1/2"300

8881600800Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 3/10mL(30 Units) 30 X 5/16"300

8881600700Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1/2mL(50 Units) 30 X 5/16"300

8881601600Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL(100 Units) 30 X 5/16"300

1188528012Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1/2mL 28 X 1/2"500

1188125058Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL 25 X 5/8" Detachable500

1188127012Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL 27 X 1/2" Detachable500

1188128012Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL 28 X 1/2"500

1188100555Monoject™ SoftPack Insulin Syringe 1mL Regular Luer Tip500

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