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Sys*Stim 294, with a 2 year warranty extension


Since the first ME 200 muscle stimulator was introduced in 1973, The Sys*Stim® line of electrical neuromuscular stimulators has provided value. Each Sys*Stim stimulator is easy-to-use and has a variety of features that include today’s most popular waveforms, programmable output modes and portability. All Mettler Sys*Stim devices offer many effective safety features. Internal error codes are designed to stop a treatment and let the clinician know how to fix the problem. Patient safety is number one!

The Sys*Stim 294 is a four channel neuromuscular stimulator with six stimulation waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency, Biphasic, High Volt and Microcurrent. Up to four different treatment protocols may be run simultaneously giving maximum treatment flexibility. The Sys*Stim 294 has soft-touch control knobs to allow the clinician to adjust the stimulation intensity with confidence.

The 294 is easy to use and allows the clinician optimal flexibility when it comes to waveform parameters.

Weight: 9.4 pounds (4.3 kg.)
Dimensions: 5 in (H) x 14.5 in (D) x 10 in (L), 12.7 cm (H) x 36.8 cm (W) x 25.4 cm (D)
Warranty: 2 years

Q: Can I treat more than one patient at a time with the 294?
A: Yes. The 294 has 4 independent timers. You can treat up to 4 patients at the same time.

Q: Can I use more than one waveform at a time?
A: Yes. With 4 independent timers, you can treat up to 4 patients at the same time, all with different waveforms.

Q: Does the 294 offer ultrasound?
A: No. The 294 is a 4 channel stimulation device. Try the Sonicator Plus 930, 992, 994 or 940 for combination devices.

  • Model: ME_294
  • Shipping Weight: 36lbs

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