Vectorsurge 5: 2-Channel Muscle Stim & Interferential

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2-channel Electrotherapy System including 2 + 4 pole interferential and muscle stimulation.

- 2 Channels for either standard interferential, or dual-site Bi-Polar treatments.

- Multi-Waveform: Interferential, Premodulated and Russian Stimulation.

- Multiple Frequencies: interferential therapy at 4000 Hz plus a 10,000 Hz frequency, not found on other leading brands, to maximise comfort during interferential treatments, and a 2500 Hz frequency for producing maximum muscle contraction

- Auto Vector 200: automatically rotates vector 200 times per second ensuring therapeutic benefits

- One control knob selects all the parameters to be easily programmed
- “Dial-&-Set” treatment parameters can be stored and started by simply pressing the start button to start treatment
- Surge Control: precise control over the surge mode with rise, fall, on and off times, all independently
programmable for optimum contraction techniques.
- Manual Balance Control: for balancing Interferential and Premodulated applications for maximum patient comfort and therapy benefit
- Lead-Off detector: an audible alarm will sound if a lead loses contact with the treatment area
- Easily combines with any Accusonic single or twin frequency for combined therapy
- Complies with Medical Device Directive (CE)

Prescription required for al U.S. Individual Customers (Not Required for Professional and Clinical Orders). A one-page prescription form is available and may expedite & simplify the process of getting a prescription from your healthcare provider (Click Here).

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