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Neoprene Compression Elbow Sleeve


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Applications: Warmth and compression for elbow pain, including mild to moderate conditions of epicondylitis and arthritis

How It Works: Therapeutic warmth keeps ligaments and tendons flexible, reducing the risk of further strain or tearing. Compression may help contain inflammation.
  • Alleviates conditions of arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis.
  • Provides warmth, compression, and support to elbow region.
  • Cool Max mesh provides additional comfort and breathability to inner arm.

Medical Definition: Inflammation of the muscles and tendons on the lateral (outside) of theelbow.

Causes: Chronic stress of the muscles and tendons that bend the hand backward (tennis backhand). This can result in microtears in the tendon and lead to pain and inflammation on the lateral side of the elbow.

Symptoms: Pain and tenderness in the lateral elbow region, especially when gripping or rotating the forearm.

Recommended Treatment: R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Reduce activity to promote healing. Apply Ice for 10-15 minutes after each workout to reduce inflammation and pain. (If any skin irritation or adverse reaction occurs due to icing, see your medical doctor). A proper streching routine is highly recommended pre and post workouts, with emphasis on forearm stretching (Wrist Flexor, Wrist Extensor). As with any orthopedic injury, a consultation with a sports medicine professional is recommended.

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Size chart

Item# E003-S (7”-8”)
E003-M (8”-10”)
E003-L (10”-12”)
E003-XL (12”-14”)
E003-XXL (14”-16”)
(circumference measured just below elbow)

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