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Sacroiliac Low Back Pain Support

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Related to direct trauma/repetitive rotation to the lumbar spine & pelvis.


  • New product to alleviate low back pain.
  • Stabilizes hips and sacrum reducing strain to lower back.
  • Low Profile – Fits comfortably over hips.
  • Effective relief for Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.  


Pro-Tec SI Back Belt Compression Wrap  
What makes it different?


  • Secondary, exterior strap applies additional compression to stabilize sacrum, relieving strain to lower back.



Medical Definition: Strain or tearing of the S.I. Joint ligaments. The S.I. Joint is the connection between your tailbone (sacrum) and pelvic bone (ilium).

Causes: Direct trauma or repetitive rotation to the lumbar spine and pelvis.

Symptoms: Pain in the lower region of the lower back which may be exaggerated by sitting or standing for extended periods of time.

Recommended Treatment: Decreased activity to allow joint to rest and heal. Conservative physical therapy program provided by a certified professional should help expedite your recovery. A S.I. Back Belt will help stabilize a loose or overly flexible S.I. Joint.

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SI Back Belt

Size chart based on pants size


Size Women Men
Small 2 - 4 22- 30
Medium 6 - 10 32- 38
Large 12 - 16 40- 48


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