Uni-Patch™ Choice Electrodes

Self-adhering and reusable stimulating electrodes for TENS/NMS/FES

Feature Benefit
Long lasting .040 inch thick hydrogel Superior conformability to body contours.
Quick, moderately aggressive tac Firm, yet gentle electrode to skin contact for multiple applications.
High re-wettability/dryout resistance Effective in high heat and humidity.
Highly conductive carbon film Even current distribution.
Spun lace top coat Flexible and conformable to a variety of application sites.
Soft molded socket connector Provides superior connection to the lead wire. Only one available in the market.
Highly conductive pigtail wire strands Flexible and durable for multiple uses.
A tinted double-coated storage liner Simplifies removal and storage. Both sides are also gel friendly, so electrodes can be stored on either side.
  • Multiple applications, 10-14 days.

Order Information

Order Code Description Ship Case
EP85795 Model 3100C, stimulating electrode, 1.25" (3.2cm) diameter 4/pkg
EP85765 Model 3105C, stimulating electrode, 2" (5.1cm) diameter 4/pkg
EP85770 Model 3110C, stimulating electrode, 2.75" (7cm) diameter 4/pkg
EP85775 Model 3115C, stimulating electrode, 2" (5.1cm) square 4/pkg
EP85780 Model 3120C, stimulating electrode, 2" x 3.5" (5.1cm x 8.9cm) rectangle 4/pkg
EP85785 Model 3125C, stimulating electrode, 1.5" x 2.5" (3.8cm x 6.4cm) oval 4/pkg
EP85790 Model 3130C, stimulating electrode, 2" x 4" (5.1cm x 10.2cm) oval 4/pkg

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