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TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators
PainCare, BioTENS, A-TENS, Han Therapy, Premier Plus

TENS produces a low level stimulus or intermittent current to comfortably stimulate surface nerves. 

High Rate frequencies in the 80-150 pps range for long term wearing for pain relief
Low Rate frequencies in the 10-20 pps range for short 10-30 minute treatments during the day
Wide Pulse Width settings 120-300 for large muscle areas
Narrow Pulse Width settings 10-120 for small areas such as hands and face. 

Electrode Application:
Two channels of 2 electrodes each can be used to independently treat 2 separate areas of pain. 
Current should flow across and intersect nerves “between the pain and the brain”.   Very specific localized pains can also use a crossing placement of 4 electrodes similar to interferential stimulation

There are many modes of stimulation available on a variety of TENS models. 

-Conventional Mode delivers a constant and steady beat of rate from 1-200 pulses per second.  This is the most widely used mode of treatment.

-Burst Mode delivers a packet or burst of 7-10 pulses rather than a single pulse.  Burst is more comfortable than conventional modes when using low Hz settings. 

-Modulated rate, width and amplitude modes deliver constantly varying rates, width and amplitudes to reduce sensory accommodation. 

-Strength Duration Modes deliver a modulated current to match the strength duration threshold curve of pain.

-Han Therapy modes deliver a mix of stimuli to produce the full spectrum of the body’s own pain modulators.

Product Image Item Name-
TENS BioTENS™ 2 Personal Unit

TENS BioTENS™ 2 Personal Unit

The BioTENS is a basic workhorse 2 channel Transcutaneous Device featuring a fully adjustable Pulse Rate and Pulse Width as well as Modulation,...


The A-TENS+ carries forward an historic name in TENS. The A-TENS+ features five modes of stimulation and full adjustment of rate and width settings....
Optima TENS™

Optima TENS™

The Optima TENS is a premier full digital TENS. Five modes include two Han Therapy modes for maximum endogenous opiate pain relief. Full Digital...


A Simple and Inexpensive TENS pain relief solution. · Modes: Conventional, Burst and Modulation Modes · Analog Amplitude Control Dials...
PainCARE™ One-Touch

PainCARE™ One-Touch

Simple and effective, this self-administered pain therapy allows fast initial application and consistent and repeatable results. The LCD screen...


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