Hot/Cold Therapy

A world wide leader in therapeutic products, Chattanooga offers a diverse selection of high quality hot/cold therapy and clinical rehabilitation supplies. 

Chattanooga is the proud inventor of the original Hydrocollator HotPacs and heating unit, an all natural product that was first to market more than 60 years ago, and is still the first choice of physical therapists and other medical professionals when using heat therapy. The HotPac generates deep moist heat which delivers increased advantages over dry heat to relieve chronic pain, acute muscle strains and general musculoskeletal discomfort.

Chattanooga also sets the standard in cold therapy with the original ColPac, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chilling units are also available for convenient storage and efficient cooling.

For precise measurements; hand dynamometers, goniometers, pinch gauge, and calipers are all available. For athletic training rooms and physical therapy clinics; carts, stools, lotion, and electrodes can all be ordered. Combining industry leading hot and cold therapy products with clinic supplies, Chattanooga can meet any clinics needs.


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