MEDI-TRACE™ 530 Foam Electrodes 600 per Case (1 3/4" Teardrop)

MEDI-TRACE™ 530 Series Foam Electrodes - Market Leading Monitoring Electrode

MEDI-TRACE™ 530 series electrodes are designed for superior performance including adult Stress, Holter and Diaphoretic applications. Utilizing a highly aggressive adhesive the MEDI-TRACE™ 530 electrode is appropriate for the most challenging of monitoring environments. The high quality foam substrate conforms easily to the skin to ensure electrical contact for consistent tracings. The patented conductive adhesive hydrogel provides additional adhesion, leaves no messy residue to clean up and is designed to stay fresh up to 45 days out of the package.

Highly aggressive adhesiveEffective in challenging monitoring situations (diaphoretic patients,stress), longer adhesion time on patient, reduced monitoring cost per patient and reduced clinician time
High quality foam substrateResists fluids and conforms easily to skin
Proprietary conductive adhesive hydrogelProvides additional adhesion, consistent tracings, no messy residue and stays fresh out of package for up to 45 days
Non-irritating Gel FormulaPatient comfort and reduced clinician time
Teardrop Shape with Lift TabPromotes easy release and removal from liner and patient
Pouches contain individual electrodesAllows electrodes to be applied to lead wires prior to use

DescriptionShip Case
31013926MEDI-TRACE™ 530 Foam Electrodes 30 per Pouch (1 3/4" Teardrop) 600/case

  • Model: KMTE019926
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs


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