Q-TRACE™ Gold 5400 Diagnostic Tab Electrodes 4000/Case

Q-TRACE™ Diagnostic Tab Electrodes

Q-TRACE™ 5400 is a market leader in Resting ECG electrodes. The 5400 features our most popular level of adhesion compatible for most diagnostic applications. The Q-TRACE™ Gold 5500 tab electrode features our highest tack adhesive gel providing maximum adhesion on challenging patients.

Patented Conductive Adhesive HydrogelProvides firm adhesion, repositionability and low impedance for clear, reliable tracings as well as minimizing adhesive residue to facilitate patient clean up
Available in 2 different Adhesive LevelsAccomodates different skin types, applications and monitoring situations
Laminated Carbon VinylProvides conformability to the skin, torsion relief and radiolucency
Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) Sensing ElementAssists in making the electrode defibrillation recoverable

Order CodeDescriptionShip Case

31433538Q-TRACE™ 5400 Diagnostic Tab Electrodes 100 per Pouch, 10 Pouches per Inner Carton (1" x 7/8")4000

  • Model: QTDE019538
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs


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