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30066 CURITY™ Abdominal Pads 12" X 16" Non-sterile 144/case

$122.34  $84.96
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Features and Benefits

Four sealed edgesPrevents lint residue and leaking.
Soft non-woven top sheet layerMaximizes patient comfort
Convenient sterile and non-sterile packaging.Ideal for multiple applications
Fluff filledMaximum absorbency

Frequently Asked Questions

Which way does the blue stripe go during application?The blue stripe should go up. Remember: "Blue to the sky."
Why do your CURITY™ Abdominal Pads look different?There is no change to the product itself. We simply changed the way we fold and package the product. Although case counts increase, the per unit price remains the same.

Instructions for Use

  • Place CURITY™ Abdominal Pads Over the wound bed, secure with a wrap
  • Place over a primary dressing, secure with wrap
  • Ensure blue strip is away from the wound: "Blue to the sky"


  • Primary layer for heavily exudating wounds
  • Secondary layer for heavily exudating wounds
  • Padding for pressure points
  • Anywhere high absorbency is needed

  • Model: 30066
  • Shipping Weight: 24lbs


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