Interferential Stimulator - Optima IF™

Optima IF is a full featured Interferential stimulator delivering deep penetrating pain relief. The Optima IF features pre-programmed IF and EMS presets for specific protocols.

Prescription required for al U.S. Individual Customers (Not Required for Professional and Clinical Orders). A one-page prescription form is available and may expedite & simplify the process of getting a prescription from your healthcare provider (Click Here).

· Full Featured, Full Digital IF with Pre-Programmed Presets
· Digital Controls: Beat Frequency, Frequency Shift, Sweep and Timer
· Presets: Post-Op Pain, Pain/Swelling, Muscle Spasm, Muscle Re-ed, Pain and Spasm
· Digital Dual Channel Amplitude Controls
· A/C Adapter and 9 Volt Battery included

Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
Pulse amplitude: Adjustable 0-70mA peak into 500 Ω load each channel, constant current
Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz fixed (CH1)
Modulating Frequency: 4004-4160Hz Adjustable (Ch2)
IF Frequency Mode: Constant Mode: 4-160 bps, adjustable Auto Sweep: 80-145 bps, 4-45 bps, 4-Set bps.
Frequency Shift: 1/1 abrupt, 6/6 abrupt/ramped, 10/10 abrupt/ramped
Sweep Time: 15 seconds
Frequency Shift %: Frequency shifts from 30% below set frequency to 60% above and return to 30% below set
Presets: P1 Post Operative Pain
P2 Post Operative Pain and Swelling
P3 Spasm Reduction
P4 Muscle Re-education
P5 Pain and Spasm
Output Configuration: Quad polar (4 electrodes)
Wave form: Symmetrical balanced sine wave
Interference Pulse: 4-160 pbs, adjustable 4 bps/step
Pulse Duration: 125μs fixed
Patient Compliance: Lock prevents the patient from changing fixed parameters
Patient Compliance: Shows the treatment times in hours.
LCD: Shows modes, bps rate, abrupt/ramp, timer, channels.
Max charge per pulse: 15 micro-coulombs maximum.
Dimensions: 12.7cm x 6.9cm x 2.5cm
Weight: 172.9gm with 9 volt battery

  • Patient Compliance Meter
  • Automatic Keypad Lock System
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Weight: 172.9gm with 9 volt battery

  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs


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