IF-2206A Interferential Digital “Piggy Back”

Channels: Dual, isolated
Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-60 mA into 500ohm
each channel
Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz fixed (channel 1)
Modulating Frequency: 4001-4160 adjustable
(channel 2)
Constant Mode: 4-160 bps, adjustable
Auto Sweep: 8-145 bps, 4-45 bps, 4-set bps
Frequency Shift Percent: Shifts from 30% below set
frequency to 60% above then back 30% below set frequency
Output Configure: Quadra polar (4 electrodes)
Wave Form: Symmetrical Balanced Sine Wave
Interference Pulse Frequency: 4-160 bps; adjustable
to 4 bps/step
Pulse Duration: 125 s maximum
Patient Compliance Meter: Displays treatment times
Pateint Lock System: Prevents patient from changing
the parameters set by the physician/clinician
Timer: 15 and 30 minutes

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