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Cando® Latex-Free Resistance Bands, 50 Yards

Low-Powder Cando exercise band is a high-quality exercise band formulated to prevent excess powder during use. No-Latex Cando exercise band is formulated for those people who may have a latex sensitivity.

Exercise band therapy is the most commonly prescribed exercise modality for rehabilitation, conditioning and training. Simply cut an appropriate length of band and begin your exercise. The exercise band can be used with any band or tubing accessory.

Clinic and Hospital Packs - Bulk rolls are packaged in 6 yd (5.5 m) and 50 yd (45.7 m) dispenser boxes. The boxes are color-coded to resistance level and design-coded to indicate whether the box contains low-powder or no-latex Cando exercise band, also helpful for inventory control and storage.

Packaging: Each

REF: 10-5620 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Tan (50 yards)
REF: 10-5621 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Yellow (50 yards)
REF: 10-5622 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Red (50 yards)
REF: 10-5623 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Green (50 yards)
REF: 10-5624 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Blue (50 yards)
REF: 10-5625 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Black (50 yards)
REF: 10-5626 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Silver (50 yards)
REF: 10-5627 Cando® Exercise Bands (No-Latex) - Gold (50 yards)

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