Three Balance Board Clinical Package w/Wall Rack: Cando® MVP™


The NEW Cando MVP Clinic Package offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating platform to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training and postural reactions. The clinic package consists of 3 adjustable MVP boards and color-coded instability balls on wall racks to be used for the following:

• Balance, coordination and proprioceptive training
• Ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation
• Core strengthening and stability
• Ankle range-of-motion and flexibility
• Improving posture

The MVP boards have a slip resistant textured top surface to prevent sliding during use and to affect the proprioceptors in the sole of the feet. The boards have three stainless-steel insets on the bottom to accommodate the "screw-in" instability balls. The boards are available in three circular sizes:

• 40cm (16") for advanced
• 50cm (20") for intermediate
• 76cm (30") for beginner

The color-coded instability balls are interchangeable and can vary the difficulty of a given board by increasing or decreasing the angle of instability. They are available in five heights, ranging from 2.5cm (x-easy/yellow) to 7.6cm (x-hard/black).

  • Shipping Weight: 28lbs


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