41” Power Lifting Band, Black, 45 pounds at full stretch - mini

These 41 inch bands are not just for powerlifting and weightlifting. They can be used for:
    * Speed and agility training
    * Jumping
    * Plyometrics
    * Aerobics
    * Stretching
    * Flexibility exercises
    * General conditioning
    * Prehabilitation
    * Rehabilitation

Made of 100% Pure Latex Rubber and are best for general conditioning, rehabilitation, stretching, jumping, speed training, aerobics, and for lifters as assistance for the upper body to increase the resistance for biceps and triceps. They are ideal for light to intermediate weightlifters and can be used to safely increase the intensity of a workout without adding additional weights to a bar. For the stronger lifter, they will add considerable resistance to bicep and tricep exercises. 

Our seamless latex bands are made through a continuous layering process to prevent breakage. For this reason, each band can stretch up to 2½ times the original length, creating a wide range of tension levels.
    * Great for: Pullups - Powerlifting - Pilates - Yoga - CrossFit
    * Enhances Strengthening, Stretching and Toning
    * Tough on Muscles - Safe on Joints

  • Model: PLBBLK_MM
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