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XP Walker™ (Extra Pneumatic) X-Large

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The XP Walker has features to increase comfort, simplify use, and promote compliance while still retaining the clinically effective elements found in the original prefabricated walking brace by Aircast. 
Each XP Walker features a low rocker sole for added comfort and ease of ambulation, a wider foot base ensuring plenty of room for dressings without sacrificing comfort, and relocated valves to improve ease of use and patient compliance. As with its predecessor, the XP Walker has a lightweight, durable semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. Lining the shell are overlapping aircells similar to those used in the Aircast patented Duplex™ Ankle Brace aircell system. These aircells provide intermittent pneumatic compression for efficient edema reduction and callus formation, and can be custom-inflated using the hand bulb (included) for a "total contact" fit. This adjustability allows the XP Walker to accommodate changes in limb dimension throughout the healing process while maintaining stability and immobilization. 
The XP Walker includes two socks and a hand bulb to inflate and adjust aircells. 
Walking Brace Extension Straps are available to increase the strap length by 4" (10 cm).

Product Features and Benefits

  • A low rocker sole for enhanced comfort and natural ambulation
  • A wide foot base offers ample room for dressings
  • Ergonomic design to promote greater compliance
  • Exclusive overlapping aircells offer superior edema reduction
  • Semi-rigid shells and adjustable aircells for secure support and protection


  • Stable fracture of foot and/or ankle
  • Severe ankle sprain
  • Post-operative use

Brace Sizing

P/NDescriptionMen Shoe Size (USA)Women Shoe Size (USA)
01P-PPediatricUp to 4Up to 5

Brace Specifications

P/NDescriptionHeight of BraceMax Foot Width (at toes)Max Calf Circumference
01P-PPediatric12.25" (31cm)4.0" (10cm)14" (36cm)
01P-SSmall12.5" (32cm)4.5" (12cm)14" (36cm)
01P-MMedium13.75" (35cm)5" (12.7cm)16" (41cm)
01P-LLarge14.875" (38cm)5.5" (14cm)26" (66cm)


XLarge17.0" (64cm)5.63" (14.3cm)26" (66cm)

  • Model: 01P-XL
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs


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