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XP Diabetic Walker™ System, Small

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Specifically designed to meet the needs of the higher risk diabetic patient, the XP Diabetic Walker System features the XP Diabetic Walker. Similar to the XP Walker™, the XP Diabetic Walker incorporates a high rocker sole for maximum off-loading of the diabetic foot and two insoles (one Impax™ Grid and one Plastizote) to help eliminate pressure points. These insoles, when combined with the semi-rigid shell and full aircell coverage, also helps regulate shear stress. The Walker's shell/aircell/rocker design maximizes plantar unloading and provides protection and immobilization. A specialized Hand Bulb with Pressure Gauge is included with each System to measure individual aircell compression. This precise measuring ensures regulated aircell inflation for neuropathic patients. The XP Diabetic Walker System is an ideal alternative to total contact casting. Unlike casting which requires costly and time consuming removal and application during skin and wound examinations, the XP Diabetic Walker can be easily removed and reapplied time after time. The XP Diabetic Walker can be secured closed with the Aircast Brace-Lok™ to help monitor patient progress. Walking Brace Extension Straps are available to increase the strap length by 4" (10 cm). 

PneumaticWalker Diabetic System includes: 
- XP Diabetic Walker 
- Insoles (one Impax™ Grid and one Plastizote) 
- Stockings
-Hand Bulb with Pressure Gauge 

Additional insoles and stockings are available in the XP Diabetic Walker Impax™ Replacement Kit or the XP Diabetic Walker Replacement Kit. 
The Hand Bulb with Pressure Gauge may be ordered separately

Product Features and Benefits

  • An aircell lined shell that maximizes plantar unloading, regulates shear stress, and provides protection and immobilization
  • Graduated compression to help reduce edema
  • Multi-aircell support for a "total contact" fit
  • Regulated aircell inflation with the specialized Hand Bulb with Pressure Gauge
  • A specifically designed rocker sole to reduce plantar pressures and improve off-loading


  • Foot protection
  • Neuropathic ulcers
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Post-operative use
  • Stable fracture of foot and/or ankle

Brace Sizing

P/NDescriptionMen Shoe Size (USA)Women Shoe Size (USA)

Brace Specifications

P/NDescriptionMen Shoe SizeWomen Shoe Size
01PI-SSmall - Impax Replacement Kit4 - 75 - 8
01PI-MMedium - Impax Replacement Kit7 - 108 - 11
01PI-LLarge - Impax Replacement Kit10 - 1311 - 15
01PI-XLXLarge - Impax Replacement Kit13+15+
01R-SSmall - XP Diabetic Replacement Kit4 - 75 - 8
01R-MMedium - XP Diabetic Replacement Kit7 - 108 - 11
01R-LLarge - XP Diabetic Replacement Kit10 - 1311 - 15
01R-XLXLarge - XP Diabetic Replacement Kit13+15+

  • Model: 01PD-S
  • Shipping Weight: 6lbs


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