Aircast® Arm Immobilizer, Medium (no Abduction Pillow)

Available with or without an Abduction Pillow the Arm Immobilizer provides secure, comfortable arm and shoulder support for injuries and a variety of pre- and post-op indications involving the shoulder, elbow, proximal or mid humerus, and wrist. 
The innovative adjustable tri-strap design (back strap, shoulder strap, and under-arm strap) provides a customized fit and restrict posterior arm mobility and off-loads pressure from the neck area helping to reduce pain. The Abduction Pillow positions the arm at a 15 degree angle and is indicated for rotator cuff or Bankart repairs.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Innovative underarm strap design limits posterior arm mobility to help reduce shoulder pain
  • Supportive shoulder strap helps minimize stress to neck while securely supporting arm
  • Durable mesh fabric is breathable to maximize support and comfort
  • Designed for left or right arm for ease of use and reduced inventory requirements
  • Abduction Pillow available for angled arm support to help promote healing


  • Proximal humerus, AC joint, or clavicle fractures in acceptable position
  • Reduced shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff or bicep injuries
  • Post-op and injuries about the shoulder girdle for which immobilization is appropriate

Arm Immobilizer Sizing Chart

  P/N Desciprtion Arm Length 
(from elbow to ulnar styloid)
  06GM Medium Arm Immobilizer Up to 10.5" (< 26.7 cm)  
  06GMA Medium Arm Immobilizer with Abduction Pillow Up to 10" (< 25 cm)  
  06GL Large Arm Immobilizer 10" plus (> 25 cm)  
  06GLA Large Arm Immobilizer with Abduction Pillow 9.5" plus (> 24 cm)

  • Model: 06GM
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs


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