Ankle Sprain Care Kit™, Left - Large

The Ankle Sprain Care Kit is a complete system for the functional management of an ankle sprain. It includes the Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace, an ankle wrap, cold pack, exercise band, and a video plus booklet showing instructions for treatment and rehabilitation. With clear and simple-to-follow steps, the kit ensures that the patient receives a complete and thorough understanding of the proper care of their injury, saving the practitioner time and reducing overall costs. While initially used for the acute stages of a sprain, the Ankle Sprain Care Kit is also suitable for chronic instability. The instruction video and booklet adhere to standards for patient education as identified by JCAHO. 

Ankle Sprain Care Kit includes 
Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace: Supports, protects, and controls swelling 
Ankle Wrap: Provides additional circumferential compression to control swelling when used in conjunction with the Ankle Brace 
Cold Pack: Reduces pain 
Exercise Band: Helps strengthen the ankle with exercises 
Video and Booklet: Provides instruction on the proper care of a sprained ankle including: 
- When and how to use the kit components 
- How to apply the Ankle Brace 
- Information guide to "functional management" 
- Guidelines and instructions for exercises: motion, strength, and balance


  • Acute injury
  • Chronic instability

Sizing Chart

LeftRightDescriptionBrace Length
02CL-K02CR-KSmall Ankle Sprain Care Kit8.7" (22 cm)
02BL-K02BR-KTraining (Medium) Ankle Sprain Care Kit9.0" (23 cm)
02AL-K02AR-KStandard (Large) Ankle Sprain Care Kit10.5" (27 cm)

  • Model: 02AL-K
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs


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