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Achilles Tendinitis Support

Achilles Tendon Tendinitis Support

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How It Works:
The Achilles Tendon Support applies compression to the Achilles Tendon helping to reduce stress to the problem area. In addition, upward pressure is applied to the heel, causing the heel to lift slightly. The lift of the heel will also reduce stress to the Achilles Tendon.

Design Theory:
Pro-Tec Athletics Achilles Tendon Support stretches, allowing the user to determine the amount of compression they deem appropriate. This stretch keeps the brace stationary and provides consistent pressure. The neoprene strap, which is applied just above the ankle bone, includes a firm, yet comfortable pressure pad which applies focused compression on the achilles tendon. In addition, the elastic strap which wraps under the heel provides a consistent lift to the heel. These factors combine to reduce stress to the achilles tendon.
  • Alleviates conditions of Achilles Tendinitis.
  • Compression pad stabilizes and absorbs stress to tendon.
  • Elastic strap provides lift to heel, helping to prevent sudden stretch or strain to injured tendon.
  • Worn during activity to reduce strain to tendon.
Medical Definition: Inflammation of the Achilles tendon (tendon connecting the two major calf muscles- the gastrocnemius and soleus-to the heel bone).

Causes: Tight or fatigued calf muscles may put excess stress on the Achilles tendon, causing fraying, tearing or inflammation of the tendon. Overpronation, excessive hill running, or simply overtraining may contribute to Achilles tendinitis.

Symptoms: Inflammation or tenderness on the back of the Achilles tendon limiting ankle flexibility.

Recommended Treatment: R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Reduce activity to promote healing. Avoid downhill and hard surface running. Apply Ice for 10-15 minutes after each workout to reduce inflammation and pain. (If any skin irritation or adverse reaction occurs due to icing, see your medical doctor). Seek professional advice in stretching (Heel, Calf) the calf muscles. See a medical professional for recommended rehabilitation programs and scar tissue reducing massages.

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