8506SA SharpStar™ In-Room™ Sharps Container, 5 Quart, Clear

The SharpStar™ family of containers is engineered with controls to prevent overfilling and limit accidental or intentional access to the container contents. These containers are offered in multiple sizes from 5 quarts to 4 gallons to accommodate the increasing volume and size of safety engineered sharps devices used today.

Forced Horizontal DropMaximizes container capacity
Wide lid openingAccomodates larger sharps
Counterbalance DoorFacilitates one-handed disposal of sharps
Anti-kickback featurePrevents sharps from exiting the container
Shuts off when fullPrevents overfilling
"FULL" signSignifies that container has reached capacity
Locking Tabs on top of lidHands are away from contents of container during final closure
Molded HandlesSecure transport
NestableSaves inventory space

Order CodeDescriptionShip Case
8506SA5 Quart, Clear20
8507SA5 Quart, Transparent Red20
8533SA8 Quart, Clear10
8534SA8 Quart, Transparent Red10
8536SA12 Quart, Clear10
8537SA12 Quart, Transparent Red10

  • Model: 8506SA
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8lbs


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