I-Bresis™ Electrodes 1.5mL (Box of 6)

The Right Medication, the Right Application

  • Medications with positive or negative polarity
  • Flexible, time-saving treatment options
  • Three treatment modes: I-Bresis, Standard, or Patch-Only

Shorter Treatments: The I-Bresis Mode powers a 3-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement to help break down the skin’s resistance, resulting in a 40-80 mA-min treatment in approximately 1-2 hours.

Convenient: The I-Bresis Patch provides fill-and-go efficiency. Built-in batteries plus dose controller activation allows quick and effective application.

Active Delivery to Accelerate Recovery: Applying direct current drives penetration by opening pathways to the skin1 . Compared to passive delivery, I-Bresis Patches deliver the patient greater benefit from each treatment, ensuring more medication reaches the target tissue.

  • Model: 199589-001
  • Shipping Weight: 0.46lbs


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