Empi Action Patch™

DJO Global is exiting the Empi business. The last day to purchase Empi products is Dec. 18, 2015. Please contact us for answers to your questions, access cross-reference materials to ease the transition and to explore options to meet your product needs going forward. 

Balego® suggested replacement product:

IontoPATCH® STAT Iontophoresis Delivery System

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IontoPATCH® STAT Iontophoresis Delivery System

IontoPatch STAT® : Designed to treat the same anatomical areas as IontoPatch 80 and offers the same product benefits in a shorter 4-hour average patient wear time.* 80mA-min.

The Empi Action Patch incorporates world leading iontophoresis drug delivery technology. Empi's mobile iontophoresis technology is perfect for use in the home, sports medicine and clinical settings.

Simply fill the reservoir pad with the desired drug solution, place the Action Patch, and pull the tab!


  • Powerful: 10.5 Volts of Power from its on-board batteries assures proper transfer of drug solution.
  • Efficient: Average treatment time to deliver a 80mAmin dosage is 3 hours.
  • Smart: The Smart Light let's the user know that Action Patch is on the job. The Smart Light is on during the treatment and automatically turns off when treatment is complete. Empi's proprietary pH buffering technology provides assurance that the proper pH is maintained without generating competing ions. Pre-applied natural karaya gel on the return electrode provides a comfortable interface with the skin, thus eliminating the need for saline.


80 mAmin electrical dosage

Treatment Time: 3 Hours (Average; dependent on resistance).



  • Model: 199488-001
  • Shipping Weight: 0.46lbs


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