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Saunders® Lumbar Hometrac®

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Saunders Lumbar Traction Provides High-Quality Treatment That Replicates Clinical Traction!

The patient is held secure by comfortable thoracic and pelvic belts. Most users can position themselves without help.
Patented pump incorporates an easy "click into place" mechanism for pumping, sustaining, and releasing the traction—it's easy to use and eliminates air leaks.
Guage is calibrted in lbs/kgs to provide feedback and promote consistency in treatment.

REF: 199603  Saunders® Lumbar Hometrac®  Affordable High-Quality Traction at Home!


  • Actively moving treatment surface
  • Patented pump/gauge
  • Effectively applies up to 200 lbs of traction
  • Friction-free surface ensures smooth motion
  • Folds to only 23" x 24" x 3" for easy storage in its shipping/storage carton
  • Weighs 30 lbs
  • Comes with user's guide, written with the patient in mind
  • One year limited warranty

  • Model: 199603
  • Shipping Weight: 33lbs


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