EMPI® Select™ TENS Pain Control Electrotherapy Unit

Empi Select provides clinicians with an adjunctive, customizable pain control system for the most challenging chronic, arthritic and post-surgical pain. The flexible treatment modes, multiple pre-set programs, and treatment data collection allow you and your patients to have custom control for their complex pain.

Features & Benefits

  • Five pre-defined, body-specific settings allow patients to quick-start pain relief

  • Four customized treatment modes provide long-term pain relief, reducing the chance that patients will accommodate to a specific stimulation program

  • The ability to monitor the number of sessions, average intensity and session length allows flexibility to make treatment protocol adjustments?


Output Current:  0-60 milliamps, adjustable

Pulse Rate:  2-150 pulses per second (pps)

Pulse Duration:  0-400 microseconds (μsec) at 50% peak amplitude, adjustable

Compliance Monitor: Displays number of sessions, average session length, total hours of use and average intensity for Channel 1 and Channel 2

Waveform: Asymmetrical bisourced biphasic waveform with zero net DC

Maximum Charger Per Pulse: < 30 Microcoulombs under normal conditions

Power Source: 3 alkaline AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries with charger

Dimensions: 4.31" x 2.38" x 1.38" (10.95 cm x 6.03 cm x 3.49 cm)

Weight: 4.9 oz (138.9 grams) with batteries 3.7 oz (104.9 grams) without batteries

Tolerances: All electrical specifications are +/- 20% into resistive 1000 ohm load  

  • Model: 199584-001
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs


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