Balego® 2” Square Reusable TENS Electrodes 4/package

The Balego® Premium Stimulating Electrode Design (Replacement form EMPI Brand 199658-001)

Our Most Advanced Stimulating Electrode Technology 

The Balego® Premium stimulating electrode design incorporates a patented multi-layer gradient pattern providing the most advanced current distribution system available. This unique gradient pattern is made of pure silver, known as a superior conductive material and optimal for stimulating electrodes.

Balego® Premium stimulating electrodes feature our exclusive hypoallergenic  hydrogel with pure aloe vera. The thick hydrogel layer provides superior adherence even after multiple uses.

New Storage Liner 
A tinted double-coated storage liner simplifies removal and storage.  Since both sides are gel friendly, the electrodes can be stored on either side. 

•  Incorporates a highly conductive silver ink printed in a patented gradient starburst pattern on a conductive carbon film base.  
•  Evenly controls the flow of electrical current over the entire surface of the electrode. 
•  Features a thick hypoallergenic hydrogel formulated with pure aloe vera gel, known for its hydrating properties and natural moisturizing effects. 
•  Promotes superior adherence to the skin, even after multiple uses, assuring the patient will receive comfortable treatments throughout the life of the electrode. 
•  Simplifies removal and storage with a two-sided storage liner. 
•  Uses a copper-tin lead wire with proven flexibility and durability. 
•  Offers soft molded lead wire connectors providing superior comfort and adaptation to variations in mating pin size. 
•  Efficient conductivity with low electrode impedance promotes safer treatment for the patient and improves battery life.

  • Model: B616SB
  • Shipping Weight: 0.08lbs


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