Empi® 300PV Unit (TENS, NMES, High Volt)

The 300PV Multi-function Electrotherapy System is an all-in-one portable unit, ideal for clinic or home use.  The 300PV system provides clinicians with a full range of treatment options based on neuromuscular, high volt, and interferential electrotherapy. The 300PV system includes therapies designed to:

  • Re-educate specific muscles and/or muscle groups
  • Relax muscle spasm
  • Relieve acute pain
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Increase local blood circulation 

?The 300PV system is designed to be easy-to-use by clinicians with a wide range of electrotherapy experience. The 300PV system incorporates 13 separate preprogrammed regimens (PPR). Clinicians select from nine PPRs designed for specific clinical applications or four PPRs designed for clinician customization. With only a few button pushes, clinicians can set up a PPR or customize a regimen program for any patient. User-defined regimens allow clinicians to control their own regimens, with the following adjustable parameters:

  • Adjustable pulse rates and pulse widths
  • Continuous or cycled stimulation
  • Balanced asymmetrical and symmetrical biphasic waveforms
  • Two independent intensity controls (up to 100 mA per channel) 
  • Session timer
  • Adjustable ON and OFF times
  • Patient compliance data
  • Hand or foot switch ready for gait training

The system is designed to perform like a cart-mounted clinic stimulator, but at a fraction of the cost. 


  • Set parameter values with the up/down arrows
  • Move to the next parameter with the left/right arrows


  • Lock-in up to three regimens and lockout patient access
  • Monitor patient compliance history electronically


  • Select from nine preprogrammed regimens and four customizable regimens
  • Access list of preprogrammed regimens on inside cover label Multi-function electrotherapy in one convenient system in the home.

Patient-friendly therapy

  • The 300PV system is ideal for home use. A program lockout feature keeps clinicians in control and encourages patient compliance. Clinicians can program up to three therapies and lock each program.
  • Patients will find the device to be small, compact, and easy to use. After the electrodes are attached, per the clinician’s instructions, the patient simply turns on the device, selects the appropriate regimen, and adjusts the intensity to begin therapy.
  • Clinicians are also able to easily monitor patient compliance by accessing the "user history" feature that records patient use. 

  • Model: 300PV
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs


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