Silver 3" Round Tan Tricot Electrodes 4/package

Constructed of the highest quality, 35-mil self-adhering hydrogel, allowing for maximum applications to the skin.
Features a layer of pure silver (Ag) coated to our conductive carbon film for reduced impedance, superior conductivity, and uniform current dispersion.  This uniform current dispersion eliminates, "hot spots".  Our premium silver electrodes provide the patient with maximum comfort to the treatment site.
Low-profile design maximizes flexibility for superior conformity to body contours, increasing ease of use per application. 
Manufactured with the highest quality, American Made raw materials to ensure the best treatment results
Utilize an extra-long 6" copper stranded lead wires with dispersive lug-heads.  Our lug-heads act like an anchor, preventing wire pull-out.  Highly conductive copper wires enable us to have the very low impedance.
Durable and moisture resistant topcoat for multiple application types.
Tan tricot material provides a protective barrier that can be easily wiped clean

  • Model: BWT3
  • Shipping Weight: 0.08lbs


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