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Auto Gelpad (50 per Tray) A1976


The AutoGel Pads are a great alternative to messy, runny ultrasound gel. These unique solid gel pads are excellent conductors of ultrasound specifically designed to work with your Hands-Free AutoSound. This unique water-based gel eliminates the mess that ultrasound gel adds – it is also extremely easy, quick, and clean. Your patients will love it!

The AutoGel Pads come in a handy, individual covered tray ease of us. They are sold in a case of 50 individual trays – part#A1976. Simply run your finger along the edge of the pad and then pry it out. The AutoGel should be moist, if not wet it with tap water. If you are using the AutoGel Pad multiple times make sure to always wet it with some water prior to use. Place the wet AutoGel Pad in the AutoSound applicator, secure the applicator and start the treatment. After the treatment is over either dispose of the AutoGel Pad or put it back in its tray and put it in a zip lock bag for the next time that patient comes in as the AutoGels are design for single patient use. Easy, Effective, Quick and Clean – AutoGel Pads.

  • Model: A1976
  • Shipping Weight: 26lbs


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