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Back of Knee Compression Wrap


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Alleviate conditions of back of knee pain, related to:
  • Tendon or soft tissue injuries
    • Posterior meniscal tear
    • Popliteus tendinitis
  • Nerve entrapment
    • Peroneal nerve entrapment
    • Tibial nerve entrapment
Targeted compression may stabilize tendon or soft tissue and reduce strain to area. Compression may decrease inflammation associated with nerve entrapment.

  • Non slip backing stays in place.
  • Compression pad applies focused compression on target area.
  • One size fits all
Medical Definition: Pain associated with conditions of posterior meniscal tear,
popliteus tendonitis or lower hamstring tear. Pain may be caused by
a variety of other conditions, including peroneal or tibial nerve entrapment.

Causes: Excessive running or any activity causing repetitive strain to the area.
Activities which include explosive leg and foot action may also cause
strain, resulting in a tear to the tendons or soft tissue.

Meniscus tear - increased pain in back of knee with deep knee flexion.
Popliteus tendonitis- Pain behind knee during running.
Nerve entrapment - Tenderness and pain over entrapment region.

Recommended Treatment: Reduce activity to promote healing. Ice, as recommended by a medical professional, to reduce any related inflammation and enhance the healing process. Wearing a compression wrap during activity may reduce stress to area. As with any orthopedic injury, please see a medical professional for a complete evaluation.

Medical Definition: Tear to either the medial or lateral meniscus. The meniscus is the shock absorbing cartilage in the center of your knee.


Traumatic: A sudden hit to the outside of the knee area may cause a tear to the meniscus.

Degenerative: Over time the meniscus may deteriorate or soften, increasing the likelihood of injury. In this case, a sudden twist or turn may cause injury.

Recommended Treatment: Reduce activity to promote healing. Ice, as recommended by a medical professional. Certain stretching and strengthening exercises may be beneficial. Wearing a knee support may provide some warm, compression and stability to enhance the healing process. As with any orthopedic injury, please seek a complete evaluation from a medical professional.

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