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3" x 5" (Ag) Silver Skin Friendly Blue Gel Electrodes (2)

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Premium Silver TENS electrodes with Skin-Friendly Hypo-allergenic Blue Gel

Utilizes a very unique hypoallergenic blue gel that has been specifically designed for patients with very sensitive skin. Our gel protects against skin irritation that is typically associated with lower grade hydrogel adhesives.

Our hypoallergenic blue hydrogel utilizes an extremely thick dual-layered 50-mil hydrogel adhesive. Due to our superior blue hydrogel, users will notice a dramatic increase in reusability and cost savings!

Features a layer of pure silver (Ag) coated to our conductive carbon film for reduced impedance, superior conductivity, and uniform current dispersion. This uniform current dispersion eliminates, “hot spots” caused by typical carbon film electrodes. Our premium silver electrodes provide the patient with the maximum comfort to the treatment site.

All of our electrodes are manufactured in the U.S.A. using superior grade raw materials to ensure patient comfort and results!

Includes our premium resealable poly bag for reuse. Our resealable poly bag allows proper storage, maximizing electrode reusability.

We utilize extra-long 6” copper stranded lead wires with dispersive lug-heads. Our lug-heads act like an anchor, preventing wire pull-out. Our highly conductive copper wires enable us to have the lowest impedance on the market! 

  • Model: BBWT135-2
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