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Conductive Garment Electrodes

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Conductive Glove
Help your patients get a handle on their home therapy options with the Conductive Glove. Ideal when used in therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the glove also supplies electro-stimulation with various modalities in treatment for arthritic pain, RSDs, post-operative swelling reduction, and pain managment. The Conductive Glove can also be used as a dispersive electrode for the Ulitmate Conductive Elbow
PM-GGL Conductive Glove $86.00

Conductive Sock
Sufferers of diabetic foot pain, sprains, and fractures in the feet and ankles, and other podiatric ailments now have an easy, in-home treatment option: the Ulitmate Conductive Sock. The sock provides stimulation to the entire foot and ankle to increase blood flow, therebyreducing swelling and associated pain.
PM-GSO Conductive Sock $86.00

Conductive Arm/Leg Sleeve Are your patients sidelined by sports injuries, repertitive strain disorder and/or post-operative swelling in the elbow? When used with electro- stimulation, the Conductive Sleeve can provide therapy for swelling reduction and pain management anywhere at anytime. The Conductive Sleeve can also be used as a dispersive electrode for the Conductive Glove
PM-GSL Conductive Arm Sleeve $86.00
PM-GLS Conductive Leg Sleeve $86.00

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